The Mountain

by Himalaya

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The Great Magnet
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The Great Magnet Look at the cover. That is exactly what this album is like. Beautiful. I think I need a little cry. Favorite track: The Peak.
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wearebestfwends No words can describe how beautiful this entire album is. Favorite track: The Peak.
Viktor Villner
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Viktor Villner Classic slow moving stoner rock, really good. Really relaxing yet groovey. Love it!
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The Mountain 09:04
The Storm 01:28
The Ascent 02:57
no single storm will hold any of us back it'll take more than some spit down from the sky we're making our escape come hell or high water this rock won't get the best of us can you see yourself like nobody else? can you feel the earth like you've never felt? you know you just can't go back to the bottom so take your possessions and throw them all away they won't help you get to where you need to be so close to victory and you've never had this chance to be come a tale that people will tell so can you see yourself like nobody else? and can you feel the earth like you've never felt? cause you know you just can't go back to the bottom
The Peak 06:04
from the top there is no earth, only the skies above no sign of the human race, no memory of my place i've spent so long trying to get to here now that we've made it, i have realized that no one is challenged by their own mind one million times i have wished that i could find my way i guess this just ain't what we wanted, our souls are barley here from the top we're gazing down and i can't see my home climbing forward is the only option, i've got to see myself survive this moving forward
The Descent 07:55
look down from your crown, there is no path ahead we tried to warn you so set to accomplish the unthinkable no there's no way out climbing down from the greatest challenge, finding ourselves and if we die, remember always that time was with us


released November 20, 2012

all songs written, performed, and recorded by kevin carafa. all songs produced by paul alan chiesa.

thanks: everyone who has encouraged or made me want to write music, from back home in new jersey, to everyone in portland. special thanks to paul alan chiesa & glen monturi for the extra push in the right direction.

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these songs & recordings are presented under a creative commons license.
please feel free to distribute as you wish.





Kevin Carafa Portland, Oregon

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